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2018 Russia Stone Industry International Exhibtion in Moscow


Our company is going to participate in Stone Industry International Exhibition which will be held in  Russia, Moscow, VDNKH, Hall 75, booth No.B21 from April 3 to 6, welcome to visit our booth and  have a face-to-face discussion. You will see our samples there, if you have any requirement on diamond  tools for stone or construction, we can take there for you.


World of Concrete Las Vegas 2018

International Exhibition and Conference on Construction

Diamond Segment

Clients may ask, you mainly produce diamond tools for concrete cutting and grinding, why do you produce diamond segments for concrete and stone cutting ,grinding, coring? Is the quality good enough? Is it competitive?
We are confident to tell you that the quality of our diamond segments and diamond grinding segment are ahead of most Chinese diamond tool suppliers. MasterCut diamond segments are very competitive as our engineer is from Italy who had worked in a world-famous diamond tool company. With his technical support, our diamond segments are in great demand world-wide.
So far, our diamond segments(including diamond grinding segment, diamond core bit segment, diamond cutting segment) have been selling to more than 55 countries such as Poland, Brazil, Australia, Yemen, Lebnon, The United Arab Emirates, Iran, India, Russia, The Netherland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine, Israel, Korea, Italy, Spain, Noway, Portuguesa, Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, America, Canada, Mexico, Colombia,Argentina, etc.
Mostly we produce concrete diamond segment, marble diamond segments and granite diamond segments with small sizes and big sizes and various shapes. Welcome to buy diamond segments from experienced supplier.
The quality of MasterCut diamond segments combine advanced super hard material technology and years of experience, such as Cobalt, Diamond. Based on abundant experiment of stone diamond tools in the world-famous stone processing area in Quanzhou, MasterCut has summed up a special research and develop system according to different stone regions and different cutting objects, therefore our diamond segments are capable to cut all kinds of stone like granite, marble, concrete, limestone, basalt, sandtone, cantera, slate etc. As the competition of diamond tools for stone and construction industry is getting more and more fierce, our profit is becoming less and less, ChinShine is devoting himself to improve the diamond segments with the highest cost-performance, and then maximize benefit for customers.
MasterCut makes various shapes of diamond segment for different cutting grinding and coring application, they are:
"T" shape diamond segments, its length is 20mm or 24mm, they are welded on the blade blank which has short segment/teeth, the function of this segment shape is improving chipping removal and has better cooling effect. Also it reduce the contact surface between the blade and stone, this will make the blade cut stone faster and enhances cutting efficiency. This special design will not easy cause edge crack, break, tapered slab etc. Usually this design of diamond segment is used for stone saw blades with diameter 300mm to 800mm. 
"TT" shape diamond segment, its length is 40mm , this could be welded on most of blade blanks and replace the regular design of diamond segment. 
Its function and advantage is similar to "T" shape diamond segments which is having the feature of easy chip removal and better cooling to the diamond saw blade, also lower the cutting noise well. This design of "TT"diamond segment is welded on blade with diameter from 300mm to 800mm mostly.
"U" shape with V step on its surface, this design of diamond segment is 40mm long, the "U" shape design and V step on diamond segment surface produces high cutting efficiency. This creative design of diamond segment structure reduces the contact surface between stone cutting blade and stone during cutting, also reduces cutting frection. Besides, it makes ideal chip removal and better cooling effect, reduces frictional heat gain and noise during cutting. This "U" shape diamond segment is used for cutting granite and very hard stone mostly, they could be welded on stone cutting blades diameter from 300mm to 1000mm.
"V" shape 
"V" step on diamond segment surface, the V step design reduces the contact surface friction between stone and diamond cutting blade which will make the diamond exposed shortly and produce high cutting efficiency, good chip removal and better cooling effect. This "V" shape diamond segment produces stone slabs with better flatness. These diamond segments are usually used for stone saw blade from 300mm to 3500mm.
The packing way for our diamond segments:
1. Placing the whole set of diamond segments in order and pack them with PVC film. On the package, we usually tag our company labels and LOGO ChinShine, however, we can special customize the labels according to customer's requirement.
2. Putting every set of diamond segment in a hard board carton or a wooden box if order amount is big, it is to avoid any destroy to packing happened during transportation. This package must be agreed by the customer and customer should pay the cost of wooden box.
3. Putting certain quantity of package of diamond segment in a big wooden box or hard board case, then wrap the boxes or cases by 3 layers of plastic film to ensure the delivery safty by sea or by air.
If customers have any special requirement on packing, just leave words to us in advance.

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