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Diamond grinding plate

Concrete grinding wheels can be also called diamond grinding plates, we define the concrete grinding wheels are bigger grinding area plate than concrete grinding discs. 


Mastercut concrete grinding wheels consist of a metal plate body as base and a series of grinding diamond segments(or PDC tips). The diamond segments for the concrete grinding wheel are made from ultra hard diamond particles and metal powder that are bonded together by means of cold pressing to hot-pressed sintering. The plate base, made from a kind of special hard metal, which ensures long working life for the concrete grinding wheels.


Concrete grinding wheels are used on grinding machines or floor grinding machines to remove the adhesive residue, thick expoxy, paint, padding and other uneven coating on concrete, terrazzo and stone floor, showing a flat floor with complete manufacturing method and process, Mastercut is capable of providing different types of diamond grinding plate for our customers. 



Advantage of buying concrete grinding wheels:

1. High aggressive and efficient for various concrete floors.

2. Good grinding efficiency and long lifespan.

3. Perfect balance and stable performance.


4. Offering suggestion from experts and professional service.

5. Various sizes and shapes are available upon customer’s selection, the segment shapes are arrow segments, round segment, turbo segment, spiral segments and regular segment.

diamond grinding plates

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