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Different types of diamond segments are available in the market

Different types of diamond segments are available in the market. Diamond grinding segments are one of them and the most vital one – silver welded onto metal base or grinding plate, and fix on floor grinding machine that include, but not limited to Husqvarna, HTC, Lavina, Werkmaster and other grinding machine, for stone and concrete floor grinding. In fact diamond grinding segment plays an important role in lots of applications such as concrete grinding disc, diamond grinding shoes, diamond polishing pads and so on. 
What Makes Diamond Segment Vital for Diamond Cutting Industry?
There are a number of added benefits and features associated with the advanced and easy to use diamond segments. They are helpful for users to make different shapes of diamond grinding segment as clients’ detailed requested. They are ideal to use for material like diamond powder, and other metal powder. Not to mention the usage for hard, medium hard and soft concrete and stone grinding.
Diamond segment is a practical piece of the metal reinforced jewel device and it is all in apparatus jewel fragments with the end goal to assume their job of granulating or cutting. Precious stone portion comprises of the metal bond materials and little size jewels. Metal bond material may incorporate powders of Sn, Fe, Co, Ni, MO, Cu and graphite. It has progress layer and working layer. This sort of the layer may contain precious stone grains to granulate or cut yet change layer probably won`t have jewels. It comes in various structures on the precious stone apparatuses. For precious stone blade, diamond segment is teeth of sharp edge. Type of section is vital factor which impact execution of cutting edge.
If you are looking to maintain your diamond grind equipment then you must follow some tips such as know your surface, prepare surface, consider grinder weight and choose right diamond segment. Bond is the metal which might hold diamond in the place and it can wear away to make sure that layer of the diamond could be exposed. Hard bond is perfect choice while dealing with the abrasive material like rain damaged pavement and soft concrete. 

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2018 Russia Stone Industry International Exhibtion in Moscow


Our company is going to participate in Stone Industry International Exhibition which will be held in  Russia, Moscow, VDNKH, Hall 75, booth No.B21 from April 3 to 6, welcome to visit our booth and  have a face-to-face discussion. You will see our samples there, if you have any requirement on diamond  tools for stone or construction, we can take there for you.


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