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Diamond grinding cup wheel

The diamond cup wheel is the most popular-used grinding tool for stone and concrete among all diamond grinding tools, most of people use it to grinding concrete and stone. The regular diamond cup wheels are single row cup wheel, double row cup wheel, turbo cup wheel, the special cup wheels include arrow segmented cup wheel, PCD diamond cup wheel etc. 


The production method of cup wheels can be whole sintering or welding. The whole sintering cup wheels are sharp, but the longevity is relatively short. The welded cup wheels have long lifespan, however the price is a bit high. Usually we think the quality of welded cup wheel is better than whole sintering cup wheel.


We accept customized diamond cup wheels of all kinds of shape and grit. There are soft bond and hard bond for the diamond segments, our 


engineer will adopt the most suitable formula according to the grinding object.



Please inform us the following information before buying diamond cup wheels:

1. grinding object;

2. the grit of diamond(or coarse, medium and fine grinding);

3. the shape, size and quantity of the grinding wheel;

4. the quality grade or the production method;

5. drawing or sketch required for special shapes.

diamond grinding cup wheels

These diamond cup wheels can be applied to floor grinding and polishing, edge grinding and polishing, fast removal of paints, wallpapers, glues, epoxy and other surface coatings etc.


Other styles of diamond cup wheels are also available on your requests. Different-grade products from high end for professional applications to low end for DIY uses are available. The workpiece can be further polished with resin-bonded diamond polishing pads of progressive grits. Welcome to buy diamond cup wheels from China professional grinding cup wheels supplier.

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