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Diamond wire saw


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Diamond wire saw

The static cutting of diamond wire saw is also called non-prejudice demolish(diamond wire rope) which is newly developed in recent years. The new static demolish is an environmental, high-efficient, safe cutting technique which is a specially designed for cutting and separating large steel reinforced concrete buildings. By the high-speed drive from oil hydraulic motor, the diamond wire saw with certain amount diamond beads on it surround cut the object. Under certain tension, the wire saw grind and cut the objects, and the chipping and heat is took away with cooling water, the concrete is separated into several parts in this way finally.


The feature of Mastercut diamond wire saw cutting:

1. Since the diamond grits are took as the grinding material, any hard material can be cut and separated;

2. The diamond wire saw moves and works by the power of hydraulic motor, the steady and smoothly running hydraulic pump remotely control the hydraulic motor by high-pressure pipeline, therefore, the vibration and noise can be minimized farthest, and the concrete can be statically cut and separated in stationary state;

3. By using diamond wire saw, you can cut concrete without a shape and size limit, the wire saw can cut the concrete from any direction like diagonal, vertical and horizontal;

4. By feeding cooling water, the run up wire saw can be cooled down during cutting, and the chips will be took away by the water which can be recycle-used;

5. The fast cutting speed and large power is the greatest advantage of diamond wire saw which is incomparable.

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