diamond tools

The diamond polishing pads is a general designation, it includes floor polishing pads and concrete polishing pads. The diamond polishing pads take diamond grits as the grinding part, compounded with composite materials, the diamond polishing pads become a soft tool for processing stone, concrete, etc. The whole process can be divided into coarse polishing, fine polishing, precise polishing and buffing. After polished by the pads, the glossiness of the polishing surface can exceed 90°.

The features of diamond polishing pads:

1. Distinctive resin bond, strong grinding force;

2. Fast polishing speed, high glossiness;

3. Good abrasion resistant, long lifespan;

4. After polishing, no scratch and coloration.

The application of diamond polishing pads(floor polishing pads & concrete polishing pads):

1. For polishing and buffing concrete, marble, granite and other odd-shaped stone;

2. Polishing with water, maximum reach RPM4500; Both of dry and wet polishing pads are available.

3. Follow the grit numbers from coarse to fine to get the satisfactory polishing effect.

The advantages of diamond polishing pads:

1. Reserved for special use on thickened terrace, the thickness of the working layer reaches 5mm;

2. Good sharpness, fast polishing speed and glazing, high glossiness;

3. Good wear resistant, long lifespan, good price-quality;

4. Feeding water during polishing can reduce dust and improve the efficiency;

5. Easy and convenient use with a velco;