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Buy Diamond Core Drill Bits for Concrete
Buy Diamond Core Drill Bits for Concrete

Buy Diamond Core Drill Bits for Concrete

Item No.: DCC001

A very important factor to make good quality diamond core drill bit is that we should collect enough feedback from a large number of users and adjust the diamond segment(diamond tips) formula according to the test result. As a professional diamond core drill bit manufacturer, MasterCut has been studying the feedback of thousands tests by incipient customers, and has developed two kinds of formula for different customer demand. One is extremely sharp segment, it is rapid and smooth cutting segments for universal use and suitable for drilling superhard concrete which has high percentage of steel bars, this kind is popular in Europe and America; another kind is long life one which has extremely high durability, it is popular in developing countries. 


The shape of our diamond core drill segment contain normal shape, roof shape, turbo shape and U shape.

The height of core drill segment is 10mm, can be welded on core bits with the diameter from 10mm to 350mm.

The drilling length of steel core bit is 350 or 450mm, custom sized diamond segments and core drill bits are also available. We support sample test, customers buy diamond core drill bit will get discount for the trial order. Welcome your inquiry, you can expect our reply within 24 hours.