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How to choose the right concrete diamond blade? Where to buy it?

The prices between premium concrete saw blade and normal one differ several times, but their quality doesn’t differ so much.
Before you getting start to choose diamond saw blade for cutting concrete, you must consider this: the cost of the concrete diamond saw blades and the cutting result, which is more important to you. If it is a small job and you don’t have high requirement for the cutting result, a low price diamond saw blade will be favorable. If you need fast and smooth cutting, no chipping and long lifespan, an excellent diamond saw blade will be more cost-effective.

Identify your cutting materials by using concrete saw blade

It’s the most important factor that you should exactly identify your cutting materials, the cutting materials include: new fresh concrete, asphalt, reinforced concrete, brick, stone, wall, road etc.
(If you can’t tell it, you can send some clear pictures of your cutting objects to the supplier/manufacturer).
Different feature of cutting materials decide the diamond segment formula for the concrete saw blade. To maximize cutting efficiency and minimum the cost, the diamond saw blade should match to the cutting object. The concrete saw blades supplier, shop, manufacturer should take the cutting result, such as smooth edge, no chipping, lifespan etc. into consideration. These are based on your cutting objects.

Dry or Wet Cutting

Deciding whether dry or wet cutting mainly depend on the actual application. When you are using a hand saw, it’s not safe to use concrete saw blade for wet cutting, cause the cutting machine may leak electricity. However, when cutting concrete, the wet cutting diamond blades are widely used. The water can cool down the blade and flush away the chippings for a faster cutting, the water also can control the dust.Wet cutting diamond saw blade only can work with water, the dry blade can be use dry and wet cutting. 
For dry cutting: laser welding concrete saw blade with holes on blank, turbo segment shape.
For wet cutting: laser welding concrete saw blade, regular type

Laser welding or brazing diamond blades

If you want to re-tip your diamond blades,then brazing diamond blades are recommended. Cause laser welding blades have a excellent weld strength but they can’t be retiped. If you are using a handhold saw, then a laser welding diamond blade is necessary.Laser welding blades will never drop segments when cutting, it won’t cause any injury to the operators.
Where to buy cheap and good quality concrete saw blade? Diamond blade for concrete?
If you want buy cost-effective or cheap diamond blades,we suggest you buy from Chinese manufacturer.Cause more than70% diamond saw blades in the market are manufactured by China. You may find many Korean,American and Germany diamond blades in the market. But actually,most of them are manufactured by Chinese factory. Such as Husqvarna, EHWA, Norton,etc. Cause Chinese diamond blades are very cheap but good quality, they even was listed in American Antidumping list.
MasterCut’s factory have more than 20 year’s experience in manufacturing various diamond blades. We export large quantity of concrete diamond blade to America, Australia and Europe every month. And the feedback are pretty good. Welcome buy concrete diamond blades from MasterCut!

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No matter your company requires concrete diamond tools for resell or private use,we have the solutions that you need. Our company's product line includes:

Diamond cutting tools – These diamond cutting tools are the industry leaders for concrete, wall and stone cutting. With a series of diamond saw blades and diamond wires available, you will find just the best concrete saw blades and diamond wires to fit your needs.


Diamond grinding tools – Concrete/floor grinding polishing work has never been easier. Producing line of MasterCut includes diamond grinding shoes, diamond grinding plates, concrete grinding wheels, diamond grinding discs, concrete grinding disc, diamond polishing pads, resin polishing pads, metal bonded grinding plate, HTC grinding plate, PCD grinding plates.


Diamond floor/concrete grinding and polishing tools are designed for industrial, commercial and residential use. We even offer a special concrete polishing pads that's designed specially for edges. There's no reason to settle for less than the best when Mastercut produce the concrete diamond polishing tools for your business needs to succeed.


Stone cutting/grinding tools – Our product line does extend well beyond floor removal models and diamond concrete floor polishing tools. We also make diamond stone cutting tools line, like diamond saw blades for stone, diamond segments, diamond fickert block, diamond frankfurt, diamond polishing pads and so on.


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