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10 inch bolts-on diamond grinding plate for Blastrac and Edco grinder

Buy 10 inch bolts-on diamond grinding plate for Blastrac and Edco grinder for sale

MasterCut 10 inch diamond grinding plate are designed for removing floor coatings, leveling high spots and cleaning floor. The bolts-on system can make this 10 inch diamond grinding plate be applied in many equipments, such as Edco, MK, Husqvarna and Blactrac. The 16# , 24# , 30# diamond grit achieve a more aggressive grinding and faster stock removal. We export it to over 20 countries, including Europe, America, etc.

Applied equipments:

Edco - MAGNA-TRAP 10" Turbo Grinder

MK - SDG-3, SDG-11, SDG-101, SDG103, DDG-5, DDG-11

Husqvarna - Dual Trac RG 2112

Blastrac - BG-250, BG-250MKII, BGP-250, BGS-250-115, BGS-250-115-V2
10 inch diamond grinding plate

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2018 Russia Stone Industry International Exhibtion in Moscow


Our company is going to participate in Stone Industry International Exhibition which will be held in  Russia, Moscow, VDNKH, Hall 75, booth No.B21 from April 3 to 6, welcome to visit our booth and  have a face-to-face discussion. You will see our samples there, if you have any requirement on diamond  tools for stone or construction, we can take there for you.


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