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Husqvarna K970 14 diamond ring saw blade for cutting concrete and wall

Buy cheap 14" diamond ring saw blade from China factory

Laer Welding is adopted for our diamond ring saw blade, it's to avoid the diamond segments drop during cutting, which may cause injury to the operators. Are our super formula cutting segments can provide a excellent cutting efficiency and superior lifespan.

If you are looking for buying performance diamond ring saw blades for concrete or pipe cutting, then you have found the right supplier. As a professional concrete saw blade supplier, we produced the diamond ring saw blade which is typically applied to indoor and outdoor cutting of all kinds of concrete pipe, reinforced concrete , bricks, etc. The concrete saw blade for ring saw can also serve as a pipe cutting tool. All our diamond ring saw blades are equipped with self-developed driving wheel.

Advantages of MasterCut Diamond Ring Saw Blade:

1. Cutting depth of diamond ring saw blade can reach 260mm which is two times deeper than that of traditional concrete saw blades.
2. 33mm length and 10mm height of diamond segment is capable of improving stability and strength of the diamond cutting tool, increasing cutting speed.
3. MasterCut 14” diamond ring saw blades features special tool bits design method which can be conducive to mortar removal and help the segments to be cooled in the shortest time, thereby considerably increasing cutting speed and life span.
4. MasterCut diamond ring saw blade has been tested and recognized by American and European customers, the model of the customers' saw cutter was Husqvarna K960 and K970.
Husqvarna ring saw blade



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