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China Dimple diamond core drill bit segment and Aero core bit segment

Dimple diamond core drill bit segment, people can also call it Aero core bit segment. While cutting reinforced concrete with lots of steel rods, or cutting concrete deeply, dimple diamond segment is the most suitable segment for core bit because it is made of 100% cobalt, and the design of dimple decides the feature of fast chip removal and segment temperature cooling.
In most of cases, the bond of dimple diamond segment is made of 100% cobalt, we use coarse and good quality diamond at the same time, so the price of our topest grade dimple core bit segment is quite high. According to some Indian customers' requirement, we also produce low cobalt dimple core bit segments, and the price is much lower.

MasterCut dimple core bit segments are designed for laser welding and silver brazing on steelcore drill bit, used for drilling concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, bricks and other construction materials. The advantages of segments are quickly & smooth drilling and long life. 

With outstanding results by many countries people, the Aero core bit segment (dimple diamond segment) is well proven to deliver on speed and universality.  Aero’s low friction golf ball design means that there is a greater water coverage at the cutting edge because slurry is cleared our faster, ensuring that it delivers success to your job every time.  
So far, our dimple core bit segments (or Aero diamond segment) are exported to Russia,Australia, New Zealand, India, America, Middle East Countries,  England, and some
European countries.
If you need other shapes of core bit diamond segment, such as roof shape, turbo shape, regular segment, please visit here

dimple core bit segment or aero diamond segment for concrete

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